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crozier bespoke

from £38,000 + BASE VEHICLE


The Crozier Bespoke range caters to individuals seeking specific features or aesthetics. Ideal for aligning with unique lifestyles, this service ensures that your vehicle is not only tailored to your personal style but is also engineered to function perfectly for your needs. Whether for work, leisure, or adventure, we deliver a bespoke vehicle designed to enhance your life on the road.

our signature bespoke range

our signature 
bespoke range

Who is a bespoke build for?

It's for anyone with specific requirements that demand a custom-built solution. Whether you have a disability and need specialised features, or you're an outdoor sports enthusiast needing a build tailored to your active lifestyle, a bespoke build can meet your unique needs perfectly, which our conventional builds can't cover.

  • We begin with an initial consultation to explore your ideas, visions, budget, and specific requirements, and discuss how we can bring them to life. This session also helps us determine if our company is the right fit for your project and if your build aligns with our vision.

    The consultation lasts for one hour and can take place either in person or via video call. While we are happy to accommodate video calls, we particularly recommend an in-person visit. This allows you to tour our workshop, meet our team, and view our current projects firsthand.

  • ​After the initial design consultation, if you decide to proceed with us, we require a payment of £3,000+VAT to secure your slot in our schedule. This fee includes the creation of an initial 3D CAD model, ensuring that we reserve both time and resources for your project.

  • We will proceed by meticulously crafting a precise, to-scale CAD model of your vehicle. This model serves as a crucial step in the design process, providing you with an in-depth visualization of the final product. By employing advanced CAD technology, we ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is accurately represented, from its structural dimensions to the aesthetic choices.

    In this model, you'll gain a comprehensive view of the various materials we intend to use, including their textures and finishes. Color schemes will be detailed, helping you visualize the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Additionally, the choice of fabrics for the interior will be illustrated, offering insights into the look and feel of the passenger spaces.

    Ultimately, this CAD model serves as a powerful tool for both design validation and client communication, ensuring that your specifications and expectations are met with the highest standards of precision and clarity.

  • ​Once the design is finalized and you are satisfied with all the details, we use this information to provide you with an estimated quote for the build. At this stage, we also draw up an initial contract, outlining the scope, costs, and timeline of the project to ensure everything is clear and agreed upon.

  • Once the design is finalized and the contract is signed, our team will begin constructing your build. We offer a convenient "drive in, drive out" service. Upon completion, your vehicle will be ready for immediate adventure! We typically estimate a completion time of 8-10 weeks.


    However, due to the bespoke nature of our builds, sometimes it may take a bit longer. Our commitment to quality means we never rush a job; we ensure everything is thoroughly tested and meets our high standards before it leaves the workshop.

    Throughout the entire process, you'll be kept fully informed. We provide access to a live folder that includes daily updates with photos and videos of the progress, along with important documents such as invoices and certifications. Additionally, you will receive a transparent breakdown of all costs associated with your build, ensuring complete clarity and accountability.

  • At the completion of your build, the exciting moment arrives: we hand over the keys to your van! We'll conduct a comprehensive walkthrough to familiarize you with every aspect of your new vehicle, ensuring you know how everything works. Additionally, you'll be provided with a detailed manual that covers all the essentials. This manual includes information on all system designs, from electrical to plumbing, giving you a complete understanding of your van's functionalities. This step ensures you're fully prepared and confident to embark on your adventures.

  • When we hand over the van to you, we also initiate a 2-week 'snag period.' This allows you to thoroughly test and experience the van in your daily life, helping you identify if all aspects of the build meet your needs. Should you discover any issues, or wish something had been done differently, simply let us know and we'll book in any changes. Our commitment includes a 12-month labor warranty and a component warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years, ensuring peace of mind with your new van.

    Our relationship with you doesn't end at delivery. We take pride in our exceptional customer aftercare. We maintain ongoing communication with all our clients, building genuine, lasting relationships. Our team is always available to assist you and answer any questions you may have, whenever you need us.



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Who is a bespoke build for?

A bespoke build is ideal for anyone with unique requirements that demand a custom-built solution. Whether you have a disability and need specialised features, you're an outdoor sports enthusiast requiring a build tailored to your active lifestyle, or you need an expedition vehicle for a worldwide adventure, a bespoke build can meet your unique needs perfectly—needs that conventional builds simply can't cover.

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