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Conor is the founder of Crozier Campers. He has a keen passion for van-life & alternative living since 2017. Conor is a keen engineer with two degrees within Automotive Engineering and loves to help people make their visions become a reality.

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Harry is an integral part of the team at Crozier Campers from providing morale and laughs in the workshop to creating some of our favourite pieces of bespoke carpentry. Harry is a talented musician and loves to commandeer the workshop sound system but we wouldn’t have him any other way!

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Dean is the man behind the creative vision at Crozier Campers. He also runs all of our photography and documents the builds from start to finish which allows customers to be right there with us along the journey. Dean is a massive advocate for living an ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle, he has had a huge hand in helping us be a more sustainable company.  He also eats more bananas than a chimpanzee.

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Josh had been watching and following our builds on socials and wanted to join our team as soon has he graduated with his HNC in engineering. He’s massively into car restoration and he’s automotive mad. He has a keen interest in expanding his knowledge within electrical systems, especially off-grid systems.



Matthew did some work experience with us whilst at college. After he graduated college, he came back and now he's increasing his knowledge and skill as a workshop technician. Matthew enjoys all things old and retro and often says he's born in the wrong decade. 

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